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Criterion 1

1.1.1 Plans for mid course correction View
1.1.3 Report of Student induction programme View
1.2.1 2 Year Plan 2018-2023 View
1.2.5 Certificates evidences for completing the self-study View
1.3.1 photographs View
1.3.2 Presentation View
1.3.3 Cultural program 2022-23 View
1.3.4 Self study courses View
1.4.1 Ssample feedback View

Criterion 2

2.1.1 Approved admission list year-wise View
2.1.2 Copy of letter issued by State Govt. or Central Govt. indicating the reserved categories View
2.1.3 List of students enrolled from EWS and Divyangian View
2.2.1 The documents showing the performance of students at the entry level View
2.2.2 Reports with seal and signature of Principal View
2.3.1 Course wise details of modes of teaching learning adopted during last completed academic year 509372 View
2.3.21 Any other relevant information View
2.3.3 Programme wise list of students using ICT support View
2.3.4 Lesson plan activity plan activity report to substantiate the use of ICT by students View
2.3.5 Documentary evidence in support of the claim View
2.3.6 Reports of activities conducted related to recent developments in education View
2.3.7 List of activities of qualitY culture 2022-23 View
2.4.1 Documentary evidence in support View
2.4.2 principal report View
2.4.5 Adequate skills View
2.4.8 Internship programme View
2.4.13 Format for criteria and weightages for interns View
2.5.4 Documentary evidence View
2.6.1 Relevant documents related to Internal Evaluation System View
2.6.2 Copy of university regulation on internal evaluation View
2.6.3 Principal Report grievance redressal related to examination View
2.6.4 Year plan View
2.7.2 Certified report from the Head of the Institution View
2.7.3Documentary evidence showing the performance View
2.7.4 Record of student-wise View

Criterion 3 View
3.2.1 First page of the article journals View Outrich View
3.3.2 Batami 2018 to 2023 View
3.3.3 Documents evidance View
3.4.1 Photos of teachers Students benefited by linkage exchange View
3.4.3 Institution has linkages compressed 11zon View

Criterion 4

3.4.3 4.1.1_Geo_tagged_photographs View
4.1.1 List of physical facilities View
4.1.1 List of physical facilities View
4.1.3 Income Expenditure statements View
4.2.1 Bill for augmentation of library View
4.2.2 Details of users View
4.2.3 Any additional information View
4.2.3 E-copy of the letter of subscription View
4.2.4 Income xpenditure statements View
4.2.5 Document showing the umber of teachers and students using ibrary View

Criterion 5

5.1.1 Report on each capability building and skill enhancement View
5.1.2 Geo-tagged Photographs View
5.1.3 nstitutional guidelines for students grievance_redressal View
5.1.4 additional information View
5.2.1 Annual reports of Placement Cell for five years View
5.2.2 Details of graduating students and their progression to View
5.3.1 List of students represented on different bodies View
5.3.2 Reports of the events along View
5.4.1 Alumni Association View
5.4.2 Documentary evidence View
5.4.3 Alumni Association Meeting View
5.4.4 Alumni Association an effective support View

Criterion 6

6.1.1 Vision and Mission View
6.1.2 Verious Committee List View
6.1.3 The transparency of the college in Academic Financial View
6.2.1 Quality improvement strategies adopted by the institution for each of the following. View
6.2.2 The functioning of the institutional bodies is effective and. View
6.2.3 Implementation of e-governance Screen shots of user interfaces View
6.2.4 Minutes of the meeting View
6.3.1 List of welfare measures View
6.3.4 Copy of Course completion certificates View
6.4.1 AUDIT REPORT 2018-22 View
6.5.1 List of activities of quality culture 2022-23 View
6.5.2 Appropriate documents to show the visible improvements in Teaching-Learning_Process View
6.5.3 Report of the work done by IQAC View
6.5.4 Academic Audit 2022-23 CERTIFICATE View
6.5.5 College quality facilities View

Criterion 7

7.1.1 Report about energy policy View
7.1.2 Waste Management Report View
7.1.3 Photographs View
7.1.4 Hoar_wel__l712 View
7.1.5 7.1.5 View
7.1.6 Vehicle Day - Report View
7.1.8 Well Equipped and pollution Free college premises View
7.1.9 A Institutional code of conduct for students View

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